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"23 Feb 2013"

Celebrating a birthday party at BZRK Paintball is the best way to go! The
boys had limitless fun, and an abundance of energy, which seen us playing
many more 'quicker' games than before. The dad’s who joined in were vastly
outnumbered by the rookie soldiers who took to the fields. Being older
doesn’t mean you’re naturally better… it was the kids who were brave enough
to take a shot or two at the dads, that ended up winning the day!

""17 February 2013" "

A small group of young ladies took on the BZRK fields, for an unforgettable
birthday party. We have never witnessed such skill, and prowess with any of
the groups of girls previously hosted. Their aim was direct and on target.
They played a variety of games, especially loving the bush field. The most
BRAVE birthday girl, even dropped her marker & ammo so that her friends
could take a shot at her , whilst doing a chicken run across a field. Hours
of fun, with BFF’s.

"3 February 2013"

A huge group of mixed paintball lovers – young & old, girls and boys came
to celebrate a birthday. Of the group of youngsters - the girls clearly won
the day, with surprising skill, unbelievable accuracy and tactics not yet
seen displayed by such novices.

A tireless, entertaining and surprising 3 hours of paintball fun in the
sun. The kids action later lured the dads onto the field and saw them
battle it out in a gripping and very amusing session of 3 man teams. We
have never seen such feats of acrobatic display as the elderly men dived,
tumbled, crawled, rolled and blasted each other away... getting an awesome
(and drenching) workout at the same time.

Birthday : 26 Jan 2013

A group of tiny soldiers took to the fields with their Dads - in this
father & son birthday bash. The men expended all their energy trying to
chase after the little guys. The brave soldiers blasted at their dads – and
the games were enjoyed by all who participated. While all the boys were at
war, the women prepared a hearty braai – in which one and all feasted on at

TeamBuilding: 22 Jan 2013

Company Team building has never been so much fun – where else do you get to
fire at your boss, and get a day outta the office. Recently we endured a
large group at our Magaliesburg Battlefields – the group divided themselves
into the Romans and the Gauls, and the Gauls - true to Asterix and Obelix,
ponded the Romans at every turn.

Hosting 28 adults in searing heat and dense overgrown bush has its
challenges, but the teams drenched themselves in fun (and sweat) as they
managed to play sudden death, capture the flag and guard the fort - a total
of 5 games before a well deserved ice cold beverage and dip in the pool.
Both teams pushed the envelope of running strategy, diversion tactics and
of course providing entertainment for the Marshalls – Well done to all!