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Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Bachelor Party

Your best mate’s wedding is just around the corner, and you - as the best man - are in charge of planning and organising a party to remember, one that becomes LEGEND.

One final bash that the groom-to-be won't forget (no matter how much he tries). Bring out those old ‘Army’ lines and practice your impersonations as you and your mates get ‘cammo’d up’ and let loose to decimate some perfectly innocent landscapes and occasionally land a round or two on each other.

The groom can either be a tough guy, the captain that you’re defending – or he can be the victim. Dress your groom up in a ballerina outfit with stunning pink tutus for the day’s activities. As you can imagine they find it hard to find cover in our arenas!!!

You make the rules, whatever you want we will try and accommodate in order to make your day with us as LEGEN-DARY as possible!!!

Full and half day sessions are available to suit your needs and budget.


Bachelorette Party

So many women are taking on the sport by storm ! We make sure you ladies have endless stories to talk about, talk to us for a special lady’s package.